Avion BPO’s Summer Outing for 2022



Everybody looks forward to a summer outing!


After 2 years of being in a strict quarantine due to Covid-19, Avion BPO finally had our summer outing at the D’Coral Beach Resort. The resort is in Currimao, Ilocos Norte, which is one of the most visited resorts by locals and tourists in the province.


Sticking to tradition, all Avion employees gathered to do the Zumba to start the day. After Zumba, the employees participated in various games and activities.


Avion employees got their chance to gather and strengthen their bond with their co-employees. The activities encourage the team to engage in some physical activities where their teamwork is tested


Many thanks to our company Directors, Von Ryan V. Nagasangan, Joy V. Nagasangan and Norman V. Nagasangan for sponsoring this kind of yearly activity.


Looking forward to next year!




Team Avion
Team Avion