Love in the Time of Pandemic  – Part 2


It’s still a beautiful world. In the past eight months when the COVID-19 significantly altered our lives, there are still some people willing to lend a hand for those who have been less fortunate than them. While we slowly rebuild our lives and bring back our livelihood, community service is at its peak. Avion BPO Corporation adheres to this truth.


Continuing its commitment to share with the community, the company’s LOVE SHARE drive in the time of the pandemic, headed by its directors Von Ryan Nagasangan, Joy Nagasangan, and Norman Nagasangan, rolled out its second phase of distribution of relief goods.


The company has filled bags of grocery items to give out. This time’s recipients are those who are very dear to the company – our construction staff. This is a true testament to how much Avion values their “family members” and how grateful they are for their service.


This year, 2020, maybe written off as one of the most turbulent in recent history. COVID-19 may have overturned the way we have lived but it has also created some biblical spotlight to people willing to give without expecting anything in return. Avion will never tire, whenever possible, of lending a helping hand to anyone who is in need.




Team Avion

Team Avion