To Our Dear Clients,


In light of the emerging outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) in our country, we want to inform you and keep you updated of the actions Avion has undertaken in response to our government’s and World Health Organization’s call for precaution from and to the prevention of the virus.


The well-being of our employees comes as an absolute priority for us, and we would like to assure you that their health and safety have our complete attention. We are now implementing contingency measures in the office to minimize the impact on our operations.


Our Measures:


  • Over the past few weeks, Avion has carried out preventive measures to mitigate the COVID-19 developing health impact, including increased cleaning and sanitizing procedures for our operations area. A mandatory scanning of temperature is in effect for anyone who enters the company premises.


  • All employees have been encouraged instructed to wash and sanitize their hands regularly and routinely clean their individual work areas during their shifts. They are recommended to stay home if they are exhibiting flu-like symptoms.


  • Everyone is also advised to practice social distancing (both personal and on their workstations) to lessen the risk of exposure.


  • Breaks are staggered, preventing agents to take their breaks together.


  • Travels to an area with COVID-19 cases have been strongly discouraged. Self-quarantine of 14 days is imposed on those who have traveled or have come in close contact with visiting friends or relatives from COVID-19 infected regions.


  • However, in consideration of the current situation in our province (and in Manila) and to limit our employees’ exposure to and contracting COVID-19, we will be temporarily shifting a few employees to a “work from home” set up, if the account and situation allows. These employees have been pre-screened based on having readily available and stable internet connection. We will closely monitor their attendance and tasks.


  • Our office remains open and hours are unchanged. Day-to-day operations are still normal.


We appreciate your understanding of the current situation that the world is navigating. We will continue to give excellent service, as it is our commitment to you.


We will continue to monitor the local health updates and keep you informed on the developments. It is our intent to be transparent, providing you with the latest information available. We join the country and the whole world in fighting this virus.


Thank you for praying with us. We will remain resilient and will continue to be so.


This too shall pass.




Your Avion Family


Team Avion
Team Avion