What Can Avion Do?

Avion BPO has expert game professionals that can provide 24/7/365 in-game moderation and support. We’ve been doing this kind of service for more than a decade.

Our online support agents can be game-masters, game moderators, online chat and ticketing support agents at the same time. They could also act as in-game organizers whenever you conduct your in-game “gaming events”.

We are currently handling several titles published by leading gaming distributors and producers.

Why Outsource your Online Gaming Support?

Gaming companies always has the following issues:

  1. They lack the manpower and resources to make their customers happy and satisfied.
  2. They don’t have enough resources to care for their customers. It just gobbles up their time and hinder their growth.
  3. It costs a lot of money to manage their own customer support.

Don’t waste time and resources, let AVION handle your customer support and in-game activities!

AVION has a pool of professional and passionate gamers that can be specially trained for your games.

To learn more, please contact us.

Von Nagasangan
Von Nagasangan