Lead Generation Using Telemarketing

    Lead generation programs allow you to identify the residents and businesses that are your best possible prospects. Lead generation also allows you to discover your individual prospects questions, concerns, objections, and hot-button issues.

    Lead generation programs are the perfect marketing tool to properly qualify your prospects so your highly skilled, highly paid salespeople are not wasting their valuable time! Lead Generation Should NOT Be A Responsibility Of Your Salespeople.

    Lead generation can easily and cost-effectively be outsourced to AVION, a call center with state-of-the-art technology and quality lead generation experts.


    Why Outsource?

    Outsourcing your lead generation keeps your salespeople doing what they should be doing – meeting with qualified decision makers and selling!

    Outsourcing your lead generation also eliminates several headaches. If you do your lead generation in-house, you are constantly advertising for telemarketers, hiring, training, and firing. If you want your in-house lead generation efforts to perform at maximum efficiency, you must have a telemarketing manager in place to monitor your telemarketers. You can’t just leave them in a room unsupervised.

    Outsourcing your lead generation completely removes the liability and financial outlay of extra employees. When you outsource your lead generation, you only pay for the exact work that is done. You do not have to pay for health benefits, vacation, sick days, social security, etc.

    Telemarketing to generate leads can be a great way to market for small or large businesses.  Telemarketed leads have several advantages over other lead sources available.  In some cases they can be cheaper.  If you hire a telemarketer directly the leads will be exclusive, with many other lead sources (especially if you are purchasing leads generated on the internet) leads are shared with multiple competitors, and this can really effect your closing rates.

    Here in AVION, we can have a lead generation program up, running, and fine-tuned for you in just a few days.


    Avion’s Projects

    Avion has been generating leads for multiple organizations. Here are the leads that we produce on a daily basis:

    1. Gas and Electric Company (UK)
    2. Charity (UK and US)
    3. Telephone and Broadband Company (UK)
    4. Diabetic Leads (US)
    5. Home Improvements (UK and US)
    6. Home Insurance (UK and US)


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    Joy Nagasangan

    Joy Nagasangan