Outreach Activity in Adams, Ilocos Norte


December is a season of giving and Avion BPO, with the guidance of its Directors, Von Ryan Nagasangan, Joy Nagasangan and Norman Nagasangan, never failed to live out the meaning of this time of the year.


Despite the bumpy ride to the mountains, it is with great pleasure that the Avion BPO management was able to help, even just a little, a few underprivileged families in Adams, Ilocos Norte. This was a month-long preparation participated by their employees by their voluntary gifts of clothes, goodies, and other basic welfare needs for these families.


Giving back is a mantra that is carried out every holiday season. This year was no different. that Avion BPO has been able to continuously extend a giving heart to those who are less fortunate than they are.  It is truly a marvelous thing this simple act of giving can impact lives – those of the giver and those that are being given.


It is our fervent hope that we continue to share our blessings no matter how tiny or how big they are. Let us all be men for others. Happy Holidays!




Team Avion

Team Avion