Data Research

Why do you need Data Researchers?

Collecting and validating data is time consuming. When a company’s consumer base skyrockets, they will need a team to cleanse and validate their data. A fresh set of validated data will not just help the company make proper decisions but can also help them deal with their clients better.

How can we obtain and validate a fresh set of data?

We can cleanse your data wherein we will correct and update your customer database. This can be done  by contacting your customers by phone or through online research to validate if the information you have on hand is still accurate.

The key to this is having the right set researchers. We can achieve this by recruiting agents who are trainable and patient enough to enforce data verification techniques to match or exceed your standards.

How can Avion help?

Avion has years of experience in providing data research services to a wide range of organizations. We have helped:

  1. Commercial Real Estate Company
  2. CRE CRM Provider
  3. Mobile App

To learn more, please contact us.


Joy Nagasangan
Joy Nagasangan

Founder/Director at Avion BPO Solutions.

BPO Industry veteran, worked at one of the very first BPO companies in the Philippines.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Here are just some of the recent commendations that our team received.

“Great work. Willing to work with them on a long term basis.”


“You helped us grow our data; not just grow it but with quality, quality work!”


“We really couldn’t have done what we did without your help. Thank you very much!”


” You are our “lucky charm”! “


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