Your process will be our pattern.

Your process, our people.


We aim to be a one-stop workforce solution to some of the world’s high-growth startups.

To offer business services that will help these companies grow more.

Mission and Social Responsibility

We love what we do, that’s why we aim to provide our clients with reliable and efficient services that are cost-effective to their bottom line.

When the founders started Avion, they made to it that they build the company at “home”.

Since Avion’s office is located in an emerging city, it has a direct impact on the community and in the lives of those that work for us. Avion has helped the community, the city and province create more jobs.

Team Culture

AVION is a family owned company, and because of that, it operates as a cohesive and single unit. Avion promotes teamwork among employees and everyone treats each other as family.

Avion’s “Team Culture” has been achieved by:

  • Creating a workplace wherein every employee feels that he/she is part of the family.
  • Creating balance between work and our employees’ personal lives.
  • Having continuous improvement programs for the employees.
  • Instilling a mentality of “Willingness to change, effecting “changes for the better”.

Meet Our Team

Von Ryan Nagasangan

Von Ryan Nagasangan



Von Nagasangan is a Mechanical Engineer by profession.

He was a former OFW, and has worked in Japan as an Engineer before becoming an entrepreneur.

After office hours, he devotes his time with his family. 

Joy Nagasangan

Joy Nagasangan


Joy graduated with a degree in Computer Science.

With her extensive work in the BPO Industry, Joy is what you would call an industry veteran.

She spends her time off at home; she can bake some killer cupcakes!

Norman Nagasangan

Norman Nagasangan


Norman is Civil Engineer by profession.

He is in charge in making the center always in tip-top shape.

When he is not at the office inspecting the premises, you can find him at his construction projects.

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